We are FOUNT

The FOUNT team combines advisory, impact and investment experience and uses a pragmatic approach to guide initiatives towards significant E&S impact and financial sustainability.

We have adopted a code of conduct which clarifies our values and mission, and links them to high standards of
professional conduct.

FOUNT’s headquarters are located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, with a network of local partners in Kenya, India and Bangladesh.

Bernadette Blom
Bob Assenberg
Jeroen Blum
Managing Director BIX
Caroline Noothoven
Legal Counsel BIX
Gerard Vos
Senior Investment Advisor
Sabien Deneer
Samira Saidi
Investment Advisor
Casper Havinga
Investment Advisor
Liane Zoeter
Administration and Communication Officer
Christiaan Lensvelt
Investment Advisor
Buck van der Kolk
Mattijn Ebbing
Investment Advisor DIGH
Ravid Chowdhury
Investment Advisor GFF
Jayanth Kayshap
Investment Advisor India GFF

Work with us

There are currently no vacancies at FOUNT.

If you are interested in a position at our organisation please send your CV and motivation letter to info@fount.eu