Strategic Advisory

FOUNT provides tailor made Strategic Advisory services to design, structure, set-up and evaluate impact investment initiatives. We cover all phases of the process, from the initial design stage to implementation and final evaluation. We are a pioneer in shaping innovative business solutions that help to build and scale profitable and sustainable business models, dedicated to E&S impact.

We combine our professional business acumen with a deep understanding of financial and development issues, to advise our clients around the globe.


Strategic Advisory Clients

FOUNT has a proven track record in providing clients with Strategic Advisory services for innovative investment initiatives through our work with many impact-focused investment initiatives.

FOUNT’s global reach includes clients in Africa, South East Asia, Central and Eastern Europe and Central and South America, where we focus on various impact sectors.

A selection of our clients


Wangara Green Ventures

FOUNT is strengthening and mentoring Wangara Green Ventures, a first-time fund manager based in Ghana.


FOUNT supported Rabobank as strategic advisor on the design of the Agri3 Fund.


FOUNT is advisor to Reall, an innovator and investor in climate smart affordable housing in urban Africa and Asia for those in the bottom 40% of the income pyramid.


FOUNT advised the Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF) in several assignments to develop a new microfinance investment company.


FOUNT advised IDH, a sustainable trade initiative organization, in developing a proposition including strategy and a business case for the Farmfit Fund, an agricultural fund for smallholders.


FOUNT acted as strategic advisor for FMO with regard to the NL Business Risk Portfolio and Fund Management team. FOUNT was also mandated by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs to review the MASSIF Fund.


FOUNT advised the Dutch government on affordable housing financing in Mozambique.