How can commercial bank funding be mobilised to finance forest conservation and sustainable agriculture in Brazil? Read how in AGRI3 Fund’s Sector Paper on Brazil, developed in collaboration with IDH, The Sustainable Trade Initiative.

In partnership with IDH and Rabobank, AGRI3 is working in Brazil to support the mobilisation of commercial finance towards sustainable production in key agri-commodity sectors – soy and beef. Together, the partners have analysed the critical interventions and financing needs in the soy and beef sector, the current practices and initiatives already applied in an attempt to overcome them, and the levers available to scale up and to help more producers to move faster to practices that conserve forest areas, implement sustainable agriculture and support rural livelihoods.

The AGRI3 Sector Paper summarises these findings, providing details of intervention areas and examples of potential financing models to mobilise finance in each.

Read the Sector Paper: “Supporting the mobilisation of funds from commercial banks to finance forest conservation and sustainable agriculture in Brazil”.