Rabobank and Financial Times release second AGRI3 video

September 13th

Rabobank and the Financial Times have released a second video about AGRI3Fund on the FT Food Revolution channel. The video focuses on sustainable chili pepper farming in Chongqing, China.

The world’s growing appetite for chilli pepper products is turning the plant into a valuable commodity. China’s south-west provinces are ripe for chilli pepper cultivation. However, there are many small-scale farmers who are not yet capitalising on this demand. A blended finance agricultural fund is helping these rural farming communities transition to more profitable, environmentally friendly chilli pepper farming practices.

Watch the video (4:19)

FOUNT is an Investment Advisor to the AGRI3 Fund, together with Cardano Development and Mirova.

BGMEA and GFF join forces to finance SMEs

September 1st

The Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA) and the Good Fashion Fund (GFF) have joined forces to collaborate in taking the apparel and textile industry of Bangladesh a step further in the area of environmental sustainability by financing sustainable practices and technologies.

On Wednesday 15th of August BGMEA and GFF signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to support and strengthen the development and uptake of innovative sustainability solutions and particularly to improve environmental and social sustainability within factories in Bangladesh.

Read the whole press release

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RVO video of our flood-proof advisory project in Beira

August 26th

FOUNT is advisor to the Maraza project of the Partners for Water programme (a cooperation of several Dutch ministries) under mandate of the RVO. The Maraza project in Beira, Mozambique focuses on building houses that are storm- and flood-proof. Since several cyclones ravaged the area in 2019 and 2021 this development in constructing is of high necessity. The video below of RVO explains that the pilot project turns out to be affective and affordable.

Interview in Impact Investor highlights Good Fashion Fund

July 21st

Newsletter Impact Investor highlights Good Fashion Fund in an interview with director Bernadette Blom. The article focuses on the Dutch Fund managed by FOUNT, and its first investment in Prathiba Syntex, a supplier to C&A, H&M, Patagonia and Zara. The Good Fashion Fund provides manufacturers with capital and expertise to scale up a sustainable way of making clothes.

Read the interview: Dutch investment fund takes up the fight against fast fashion

Maraza project Mozambique

Maraza project promises affordable, flood-proof houses

July 8th

Building houses that are resistant to floudings and storms: this is more topical than ever in the city of Beira in Mozambique after cyclones Idai and Eloise ravaged the area in 2019 and 2021.

And it is not just a matter of building, because it must first and foremost be financially viable and affordable for the residents of Beira.

That is also the ambition of the Maraza pilot project, with the support of Partners for Water: to show that flood-proof construction can be interesting for real estate developers and financiers. Because only then is it scalable and replicable.

Cooperation with Dutch ministries
The Maraza project is supported by Partners for Water, a programme of the Dutch International Water Ambition (NIWA), a cooperation of several Dutch ministries. (the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, Infrastructure and Water Management and Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, in cooperation with the Dutch water sector).

FOUNT is advisor to the programme.
Read more about these advisory services under the logo and mandate of RVO (Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland)

Read more on this promising project in Beira in an interview with Gerard Vos and Christiaan Lensvelt of FOUNT.


BETAALBAAR WONEN IN BEIRA: ELK STAPJE IS EEN MIJLPAAL (Original Dutch version published by Partners for Water)

Workers on a Pratibha Syntex Limited factory floor Image by Good Fashion Fund

Good Fashion Fund signs contract with first project

June 29th

Good Fashion Fund, initiated by Fashion for Good and Laudes Foundation and managed by Fund Manager FOUNT, has signed its first transaction with Indian manufacturer Pratibha Syntex Limited for the replacement and expansion of sustainable equipment.

The 4.5 million US dollar, long-term loan, will support Pratibha Syntex’s planned capital expenditures for the replacement of machinery and expansion of sustainable equipment in their spinning, processing and garmenting divisions.

Read the press release

The innovative solutions of Good Fashion Fund explained in podcast

May 19th

Bernadette Blom, partner at and Director at Good Fashion Fund recently joined Ryan Grant Little of EVPA for a podcast which is the first in a series with Europe’s leading investors for impact.

Check out the podcast recording to hear all about Good Fashion Fund’s innovative and sustainable finance solutions in the fashion industry

FOUNT welcomes new client Reall for advisory services

April 29th

FOUNT is now advising Reall, an innovator and investor in climate smart affordable housing in urban Africa and Asia for those in the bottom 40 percent of the income pyramid. We are advising Reall with regard to developing a financial model and Investment Memorandum and supporting Reall in their fundraising process, amongst other.

Know more about Reall

AGRI3 Fund project launched with pepper farmers in Chongqing

April 15th

The AGRI3 Fund is enabling farmers to switch from poor yielding crops to more lucrative and sustainable pepper cultivation, by investing in sustainable pepper farming in Chongqing, China. Rabobank and the Chongqing Agricultural Chain Corporation gathered on April 13th to launch the AGRI3 Fund project.

The AGRI3 Fund was initiated by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) and Rabobank. The investments focus on farms that pursue more sustainable practices, including forest protection and improving rural livelihoods. FOUNT is an Investment Adviser to the Fund, together with Cardano Development and Mirova.

Read more on the project in the press release from Rabobank of December 22, 2020 Rabobank-closes-transactions-with-de-risking-by-AGRI3-Fund.pdf

Good Fashion Fund introduces video explaining GFF

April 2nd

The Good Fashion Fund has introduced its video on YouTube explaining how the GFF can improve the fashion industry.

The fashion industry needs to change. It’s polluting, has bad working conditions, and it’s not changing by itself. There are fantastic, disruptive, original ideas that will improve the industry. Watch the video to learn more.